IBPO statement on Reed endorsement


The International Brotherhood of Police Officers (IBPO) Local 623 announced Monday its endorsement of Kasim Reed for mayor of Atlanta.

Sgt. Scott Kreher, president of the local chapter, issued this statement:

After careful consideration the members of the IBPO Executive Board have endorsed Kasim Reed for Mayor in the upcoming runoff election December 1st, 2009.  The deciding factor was the actions of Mary Norwood during the 2008 and 2009 budget votes.  Mrs. Norwood voted against any tax increase in both budgets.  Her vote in 2008 contributed to police officers being furloughed.  Her vote against the tax increase in 2009 was to stop our officers from being furloughed any longer.  When the media and our executive board asked Mrs. Norwood what other options she had to stop the furloughs of our officers she had no answer.  Kasim Reed is committed to ensuring our steps are funded, a career ladder is funded, and that the IBPO has a seat at the table when our next chief is appointed.  We look forward to working side by side with Mr. Reed to ensure our members are fairly compensated and our next chief of police is hands on, progressive and stands up for our officers.

The IBPO endorsed Atlanta City Council President Lisa Borders for mayor on Aug. 28. Borders ended up third in the Nov. 3 General Election and threw her support last week behind Reed.

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