A. Reginald Eaves Seeks Recount in Council District 11 Race


APN received the following from someone purporting to be with the A Reginald Eaves campaign: “Atlanta City Council Candidate A. Reginald Eaves has filled a request for a recount of the November 3rd election results due to voting irregularities in Atlanta’s South Fulton area. It appears that voters in the newly annexed Pine Lake community were not included on the voter roles and were denied the ability to cast their ballots. Also, many voters in the Ralph Bunch Middle School – 11B 1&2 polling location were required to use provisional ballots from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Mr. Eaves believes that these discrepancies could make a difference in the final election results.”

Possible election irregularities notwithstanding, Keisha Bottoms won the election last week in a crowded race of 9 candidates with over 50% of the vote, for the seat being fortuitously vacated by Jim Maddox.

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