Rally for REAL Health Care Reform – Medicare for All

Do you believe health care is a basic human right, not a commodity to be bought and sold by profiteering, parasitic health insurance companies?  Then join HealthcareNOW-GA at what is being billed as “the biggest rally of the year [in Georgia] for health insurance reform” this Thursday, Sept. 3 at the Capitol (Washington Street side).
Although this rally was called by “public option” advocates, we will be there to raise the banner of REAL health care reform — Improved and Expanded Medicare for All, as codified in Rep. John Conyers’ bill, H.R. 676, and Senator Bernie Sanders’ companion bill, S. 703.
HealthcareNOW-GA will meet at the corner of Washington St. & Martin Luther King Dr. at 11:30.  Wear orange if you have it.  Bring handheld signs & banners (signs or banners on sticks not permitted at the Capitol).  We will have plenty of flyers.  Suggested sign slogans:  “Medicare for All – H.R. 676″; “Health Care is a Human Right — H.R. 676″; “Health Care YES — Insurance Companies NO,” “Everybody In, Nobody Out — H.R. 676.”  For more ideas, see this brief summary of H.R. 676.

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