Sunday Paper Endorses Reed


Sunday Paper’s Stephanie Ramage also announced this week that she was endorsing State Sen. Kasim Reed.  As far as I know, it’s the first editorial endorsement in the Mayoral race.

I could’ve guessed this would happen.  From the first articles Ramage wrote about the Mayoral race, she was like, whoa, I said there should be a special fund for police equipment, and OMG, somebody already had the same idea, and it was Sen. Reed.  I’m not sure what else she saw in him–well, she did mention his ability to work with Republicans and Dems in the legislature–but from what I could tell, she didn’t have a very good experience with the other candidates or their campaigns.

At one point, she asked Mary Norwood the same question like 5 times but she couldn’t answer.  At one point, Norwood was like, can we move on to another topic?  Not a good interview for Mary.

BTW, APN will be issuing endorsements, but we’re not ready yet.

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