Drama at Sevanandah Continues


According to Brian Sherman, major drama is still going down at Sevanandah natural foods market.  The store and co-op in Little Five Points almost started carrying meat a few months ago, which upset a lot of the paid members of the co-op.  Apparently, the plans to carry the flesh of dead animals did not go forward.

However, Sherman says they recently were supposed to hold their annual election to elect four new members on their nine member board.  The election was conducted, and the ballots were sitting in the ballot box.  However, when the appointed persons showed up to count the ballots, the Board was there and said the election had been cancelled.

Sherman says there had been concerns about election irregularities, including some that he had raised, but that he did not feel that was worth cancelling the election.

The Board–which now only has four members because an additional member resigned in protest–also announced they would be planning new by-laws, according to Sherman, who does not believe the current by-laws allow any of this.

Sherman says he does not know if anyone is going to take action regarding this and that he does not believe there would be a major boycott of the store unless they did start carrying meat.  Sherman used to attend monthly meetings there but says he got fed up and stopped attending.

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