First-world healthcare in other first-world countries; third-world healthcare in Virginia

First-world health care:  A Canadian responds to right-wing bashing of Canada’s single-payer, Medicare for All system.  (I heard a Canadian speaker say recently that Canadians travel in the US with some anxiety.  They know that if they have a medical emergency while traveling in the US, they might wind up with a bill of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, which they could never pay — something which is unthinkable in Canada.  On the other hand, we’ve all heard the stories of busloads of Americans who go to Canada to buy their drugs.  Or used to; I believe Big Pharma made that illegal when their bought-off legislators passed Medicare Part D.).
Third-world healthcare in Virginia:  Hundreds of poor people wait for hours for treatment in horse stalls and poultry barn:
First-world healthcare in first-world countries.  This excellent Frontline special describes the healthcare systems in 5 other rich, capitalist countries.  Altho there is considerable variation between these systems, all had these things in common:  (1) Coverage is universal.  (2) Public support for these systems is very high.  (3) No one EVER goes bankrupt because of medical bills:

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