Heckman Volunteers to go back to Iraq


Doug Heckman, Norcross resident and 2008 Democratic candidate for Georgia’s 7th congressional district, announced Tuesday that he has volunteered to return to Iraq with the U.S. Army.

“I came back from Iraq in 2007 determined to bring a problem solving philosophy to our government. We have kicked the can down the road on so many issues and I was determined to try to do my part to change that trend,” Heckman said in a press release. “There is a constant need for fresh ideas and new people in government. Too many politicians get caught up in retaining their job instead of doing what the people elected them to do.”

Heckman, a colonel with the U.S. Army and West Point graduate, lost his congressional bid to Republican incumbent John Linder in November. He has already served year-long tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The percentage of politicians with military experience is at an all-time low in Washington,” he said Tuesday. ”We need more combat veterans in government.”

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