Community Health Centers get 3rd round of ARRA funds


Community Health Centers across the nation received a third boost in funds today courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The grants will help address immediate and pressing health center facility and equipment needs and increase access to health care for millions as more Americans lose their health coverage.

The Recovery Act Capital Improvement Program (CIP) grants will support the construction, repair, and renovation of over 1,500 health center sites nationwide. Over 650 centers will use the funds to purchase new equipment or health information technology systems while 400 others will adopt and expand the use of electronic health records.

Georgia will receive about $16.4 million to help 28 centers. 

On March 2, the White House released grants worth $155 million to establish 126 new health centers. Those grants will provide access to essential preventive and primary health care for more than 750,000 people in 39 states and two territories.

On March 27, the Department of Health and Human Services released $338 Million in Increased Demand for Services (IDS) grants. Health centers are using these grants to provide care to more than 2 million additional patients over the next two years, including nearly 1 million uninsured people.

For more about ARRA, search Atlanta Progressive Blog under “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.”

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