Ceasar Mitchell Statement on Car Jacking


Early Saturday, July 25, morning, around midnight, Atlanta City Councilman Ceasar C. Mitchell (Post 1, At Large) was carjacked at gunpoint in front of his mother’s home in the Washington Park community of Northwest Atlanta.

Councilman Mitchell was dropping his mother off after taking her to a Chastain Park concert when he was approached by three young men. After a short exchange, one holding a gun, asked Councilman Mitchell to release his 2003 Ford Expedition. Councilman Mitchell complied. Immediately after, he contacted the Atlanta Police Department who later recovered the vehicle at 4 a.m., approximately a mile away, on the corner of Boone & Lowery Boulevards.

Councilman Mitchell and his mother were unharmed and are doing well today. The following is his statement:

“First, I want to thank all those who have reached out to me, my mother and my family out of concern and support. I also want to thank the Atlanta Police Department for their timely response and successful recovery of my vehicle. Their work was exemplary. I will continue to work with them as they move their investigation forward.

I also would like to send condolences to the family of Vernon Forrest. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

Crime is a major issue in Atlanta. It is real and does not discriminate. Saturday’s incident is not really about me. It is about the larger issue of public safety in our city and the importance of providing citizens with the necessary services, support and access they need to feel safe. Public safety is and always has been a top priority for me. This incident has not changed that. I will be vigilant about keeping this issue in the forefront of the administration, my colleagues and our citizens at-large. I will continue to work with a strong sense of passion and commitment to the safety of Atlantans. I am not afraid and I will not be deterred.

In the past, I have authored legislation to require foot patrol officers in crime ridden areas. I have been and will continue to advocate for more police officers and, specifically, an expanded Red Dog unit. Most recently, I drafted and passed the City Council resolution calling for an end to police and fire furloughs, and voted in favor of the recent city budget, which included a tax increase to end those furloughs. I will continue to build on this record and work hard to make sure that City government has the resources necessary to make the city a safer place to live, work, play and raise a family.

Also, I’d like to implore the citizens of Atlanta to get involved. City Hall cannot do it alone. This is not the time to panic, pack up or run and hide. This is our Atlanta and the time is now for us to come together to make a difference. We must work collectively as a greater community and in unison with city government and public safety officials to identify and implement solutions for increased safety in our neighborhoods. We must provide our police and fire departments with the resources they need to do their jobs. Also, as everyday citizens, we must be watchful and ever mindful of our surroundings.
We must redouble our efforts to be actively involved in the lives of our city’s youth. Whether it is good parenting, quality schooling or strong after school and summer programs, we all have a role to play in developing our young people into productive, successful and law abiding citizens. I continue to believe that the lack of a quality education becomes the seed in which crime grows. I remain undeterred in doing my part by continuing my work with young people in our local schools and expanding my College Prep Series to get young people prepared for college. Working together as one, we can make a difference and reclaim our city.”

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