State Rep. Graves Displeased with Governor’s Veto


And here is Rep. Graves’s take on the matter:

“While I understand the Governor’s concern and questions about economic theories, the type of tax cuts in HB 481 have been tested and proven to work both on the state and federal level. I remain convinced that the time-tested approach of lowering taxes on small businesses is always a good policy for Georgia.

“Yesterday’s veto is a setback for the job creation movement in Georgia, but it is not the end. I will continue working throughout the summer to return next session with more legislation to create, expand and attract jobs for Georgians by making Georgia the most business friendly state in the nation.

“I commend the leadership of the House and Senate for embracing creative, conservative solutions to the difficult challenges of today. These solutions were in stark contrast to the Washington “print and spend” mentality. Our conservative solutions are derived from sound economic principles which seek to protect the taxpayer, not the government.

“I remain optimistic about Georgia’s future and am confident that economic recovery will occur. Unfortunately, it will be delayed with the veto of HB 481.”

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