Nipponzan Myohoji-Atlanta Dojo Presents Award to Colony Square Peace Vigil and Georgia WAND


On Saturday, March 28, the Nipponzan Myohoji-Atlanta Dojo held a Flower Festival Ceremony, celebrating the birth of Lord Buddha and the arrival of spring. The ceremony concluded with the 6th annual presentation of the Lil & Bill Corrigan Peacemakers Award to the 6-year Stand for Peace vigil at Colony Square and to Georgia WAND. For six years, committed peacemakers have gathered at the corner of 14th St. & Peachtree to call for an end to the Iraq war. With the announcement of plans to withdraw from Iraq next year, the group recently suspended these vigils but vowed to return if the attempts for peace prove less than genuine. In deep appreciation for the dedication and commitment for 6 year’s of vigiling, the Dojo offered this Peacemaker’s Award to the vigil itself and to Georgia WAND [Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament] for its leadership in that effort.

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