Mayoral Race Drama and Madness


So, Lisa Borders apparently back in the race, according to the ATL Business Chronicle. Jonathan Springston at APN told me she seemed to be acting very candidate-like at the recent FIBC crime forum.

This is not good. Why: Borders worked for Cousins Properties, is synonymous with the developers, was thick as thieves with Shirley. No, no, no!

But there’s so much more. Scott Henry at Creative Loafing’s Fresh Loaf blog says he hears rumors that Ceasar Mitchell’s planning to drop out of the Mayor’s race and run for Lisa’s seat. Mitchell did not return a text message seeking comment from APN. Henry noted Mitchell’s personal website was taken down, but APN notes his campaign website is still up (although the website,, actually misspells his first name).

Henry further notes that individuals whose names have been dropped for possibly running for the vacated seats of Borders, Norwood, and/or Mitchell, include: State Sen. Vincent Fort (changed his cell number), Derrick Boazman (didn’t answer APN’s call), and Michael Julian Bond (we’ll send him an email.)

All three of these–and I would guess they would each run for a different seat–would lead to a dramatically more progressive Council. Boazman served previously on the Council already. About a year or so ago, he got a radio show on WAOK.