Georgia Organizations Join National Campaign to Support Obama Budget


Environmental Georgia, Georgia Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), Georgia Rural Urban Summit, and Health Care for America joined together Friday with a national campaign that urges Congress to support and pass President Obama’s 2010 budget.

“The investments in our nation’s future that President Obama is calling for will help make America more energy efficient, make health care better and more affordable, help more Americans go to college and compete in the global economy, and create good jobs that will rebuild our middle class,” Sandra Glaze, director of Georgia PIRG, said.  

“Building upon the president’s jobs and economic recovery plan, these historic investments will protect Americans from the economic pitfalls of this recession and sow the seeds of a sustainable prosperity.  The priorities put forward in the President’s budget will turn back the harsh trend of rising poverty, unemployment, hunger and homelessness.” 

Over 100 progressive organizations and unions, many of which led the fight to pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, have so far signed onto the $5-7 million national campaign to ‘Rebuild and Renew America Now’ and will utilize all the same tools, techniques, and strategies behind the successful campaign to pass the president’s jobs plan last month, from grassroots events, grass tops contacts, paid phone and email campaigns into members of Congress’ offices, and paid advertising. 

“President Obama’s plan represents a clear and transformative road-map for prioritizing the concerns of families here in Georgia over those of Washington’s entrenched special interests,” Glaze said.

“In the areas of healthcare, higher education, tax fairness and corporate accountability, the president’s budget serves as a blueprint for real reform and in this economic climate, our representatives in Congress can ill-afford to ignore the president’s call to action,” she added.

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