IA Poll Shows Fmr. Gov. Barnes Competitive in 2010


A recent poll conducted by Insider Advantage shows former Gov. Roy Barnes–who a source tells APN is considering a 2010 run for governor–would be competitive against two out of 3 possible leading Republican candidates.  Based on the current poll, Barnes would beat Karen Handel (SOS and former Fulton County Chair) and John Oxendine (Insurance Commissioner), but not Casey Cagle (Lt. Gov.).

IA’s Gary Rees explained the poll’s “weighting” methodology to APN.  He said the firm samples using a random telephone dialing method for registered voters.  He says IA compares the sample with Georgia statistics on party affiliation, race, age, and gender.  For instance, if there are more Republicans in the poll than there are in Georgia, the Democrats who respond have their opinions weighted a bit higher.


If the race for Governor of Georgia were held today to succeed Gov. Sonny Perdue, who by law cannot run again, how would you vote in the following match-ups? If the race were between:

Casey Cagle Republican (39%)
Roy Barnes Democrat (35%)
No opinion (26%)

If the race were between:

Roy Barnes Democrat (38%)
John Oxendine Republican (33%)
No opinion (29%)

If the race were between:

Roy Barnes Democrat (34%)
Karen Handel Republican (29%)
No opinion (37%)

The poll was conducted March 17 among 550 Georgia registered voters, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4%. The survey is weighted for age, race, gender and political affiliation.

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