APN Endorses Kucinich, McKinney for US Presidential Primaries


(APN) ATLANTA — Atlanta Progressive News is pleased to issue two endorsements in the upcoming Primary Elections for President of the United States.

This year, the Board of Directors is making endorsements in both the Democratic and Green Party Primaries, even though in the State of Georgia the Green Party is currently not on the Primary ballot.

For the Democratic Party, APN endorses US Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH). He may have been a latecomer to the impeachment issue, but has made up for it by introducing Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney, a bill currently with 24 total co-sponsors, and by forcing a vote on debating them on the US House floor.

In addition, Kucinich has led the way on single payer universal health care, while most other candidates [aside from former US Sen. Mike Gravel (D-AK)] want to keep private insurance company profits in the system. On just about every issue, Kucinich takes a strong progressive position.

For the Green Party, APN endorses former US Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA). From Hurricane Katrina, to electronic voting, to impeachment of President Bush, McKinney provided strong leadership in the US House.

Her decision to leave the Democratic Party is principled and inspires our imaginations. McKinney’s leadership in the Green Party will certainly help build the Party nationwide, leading to a broader, more representative array of choices on more states’ ballots in the future.

Unfortunately, the Green Party is not on Primary ballot for President in Georgia. Therefore, voters interested in supporting McKinney, or any other candidate, for the Green Party nomination, may contact the Green Party of Georgia to participate in their statewide convention.

“There’s never been a third party Presidential Primary in Georgia,” Richard Winger, editor of Ballot Access News, told Atlanta Progressive News.

“For US House, there hasn’t been a third party candidate since 1942,” Winger said.

McKinney is currently on the Primary ballots in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC. The Green Party will select their nominee at next year’s National Convention in July in Chicago. It is believed to be a close race between McKinney and recurring Green candidate, Ralph Nader.

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