AHA Denied Forged Signatures in July Council Meeting


(APN) ATLANTA — “Your signatures are not forged. The signatures are not required,” Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) director Renee Glover told the City Council of Atlanta during a July 2007 Work Session on AHA’s campaign to demolish all remaining public housing in Atlanta, according to a video of the meeting on Channel 26, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

Glover made the remarks in response to public comment by Diane Wright, Resident President for Hollywood Court and Chair of the Jurisdiction-Wide Resident Advisory Board (RAB Board).

However, according to documents obtained exclusively by Atlanta Progressive News, AHA did send in a falsified sign-in sheet, which was typed up, to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in five demolition applications, although the RAB Board does not type up its sign-in sheets. AHA also falsified the meeting agenda and minutes from the February 14, 2007, RAB Board Meeting.

Ainars Rodins of the Special Application Center said he sent the information provided by APN to HUD’s Office of the Inspector General and that APN would be hearing from them.

“How did they put those names on those papers? We didn’t sign them. They didn’t ask us could they use our names,” Wright told Atlanta Progressive News.

“If they’re using your name, that’s like stealing my identity,” Wright said. “She not only misled the Council, she misled HUD too.”


“I have a question to ask about relocation. Where is the relocation plan? You’re telling these people that you got vouchers for ’em, and that you got places for ’em. Where is the relocation plan?” Wright asked.

“The relocation plans are inside of each of the demolition applications,” Glover said.

“We haven’t seen the demolition applications. So that’s why I’m asking you. We’ve asked you all for those plans. And we’ve asked for the relocation [plans]. And the demolition [plans]. And we want to also know whose signatures did you send in to HUD for these plans to go through because Jurisdiction-Wide never gave you anything, and if our signatures forged Ms. Glover, that’s wrong,” Wright said.

“Your signatures are not forged,” Glover said.

“You needed signatures from the RAB Board,” Wright said.

“The signatures are not required,” Glover said.

“We’re gonna try and not have a dialogue here,” Chairman Jim Maddox of the CDHR Committee said.

“I understand what you’re saying. But I’m letting her know that in that application it does state that they’re supposed to get our signatures. They called and asked for our signatures and we refused to give it to ’em,” Wright said.

“I don’t want to get into a debate,” Glover said.

“We are required to consult with the various Resident Advisory Boards and we have done that and all the requirements in conjunction with the demolition applications have been met,” Glover said.

“Ms. Glover, I read the HUD rules and regulations well, and I really understand them. And I’m asking you again, where is a copy of the signatures? When I asked you all before, Mr. Simms brought me a [demolition] schedule and told me that he’s not gonna give me a copy. To write a [Open Records Act] letter to get a copy of the signatures. We need to know whose signatures that you sent in. Cause you do have to send those signatures in,” Wright said.

“Ms. Wright, I would ask that you would probably do better just making your comments and moving on. Just make whatever comments, put your concerns out on the record. And then move on. Cause I don’t know if we’re going to be productive in trying to go back and forth with Ms. Glover. We can meet with her again,” Councilwoman Felicia Moore said.


Glover said that the signatures were not forged. However, based on the evidence obtained by Atlanta Progressive News, Wright disagrees.

“Those sign-in sheets [sent in to HUD] was from the RAB Board supposedly,” Wright told APN. “Those are supposed to be the signatures.”

“Number one, the meeting is the RAB Board meeting; it’s not AHA’s meeting. We never gave them any sign-in sheets or any minutes from that meeting,” Wright said.

Glover also said the signatures were not required by HUD. To be sure, the application does not appear to ask specifically for signatures, only evidence of resident consultation, thus Glover’s assertion may be technically true.

However, it was still misleading of Glover to say they were not required, because even if they were not required, AHA apparently sent a HUD collection of both real and forged sign-in sheets.

From the five individual resident associations of Inglewood Manor, Leila Valley, U-Rescue Villa, Jonesboro North, and Jonesboro South, AHA sent in photocopies of what appear to be actual sign-in sheets. However, for the RAB Board, AHA sent in a typed list of names but presented it as the Sign-In Sheet in capital letters both in the application itself and in the attached list AHA apparently typed up.

“If they’re not required, why did [AHA’s] Charles Walker call and ask us for the sign-in sheets and the minutes? When Charles Walker called, we refused to give him the sign-in sheets and the minutes. First he called the Secretary of the RAB Board [Louis Amey] and he asked him to get the sign in sheet and the minutes. We said no,” Wright said.

“Cause, we didn’t know what he wanted to use them for but we knew it wasn’t right,” Wright said.

“Then Charles asked me for them and I told him no. He said, ok, and hung up. Conversation was over,” Wright said.

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