Atlantans Spell IMPEACH with Candles at Intersection (UPDATE 1)


impeach5(APN) ATLANTA — About 20 Atlanta activists met at sundown at Freedom Park to spell out the word IMPEACH with an array of candles on a hill at a major intersection, Freedom Parkway and Moreland Avenue.

So for about 90 minutes, motorists and pedestrians coming from at least three different directions got a message: impeach.

The event completed a day of impeachment rallies and marches in Atlanta and indeed nationwide. In Atlanta, activists met to rally at Freedom Park at 11am, and later marched as the impeachment contingent in the annual Inman Park Parade, a local community parade.

Numerous cars honked in support this evening. One man walking by stopped to get a closer look.

“What are you trying to spell out?” he asked.

“Impeach,” one activist replied.

“Hell yeah,” he said back.

One Atlanta resident stopped by to find out more about what was going on. “I drove by and was like that was so cool. It looks amazing from the street,” Erin Routson said.

“I thought [the events] were really great. We definitely put the whole thing out there,” Tracie Stern of Atlanta World Can’t Wait said.

Protester Nick Prakash with World Can’t Wait said he was there “to get the word out on impeaching Bush. He think’s he’s God or King. He thinks he’s absolute. Abu Ghraib, the Iraq war, a possible Iranian War. Stealing two elections, contempt for the Constitution, getting rid of habeus corpus,” he said.

“They committed a conspiracy of fraud against the American people,” activist Gloria Tatum said of Bush’s deceptive case to invade Iraq.


About 60 people were at the morning protest, Stern said. (CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said there were 30 people at the protest and 60 at the parade, but Tracie Stern says the numbers were the other way around.)

Activists with World Can’t Wait, Code Pink, and other groups were in attendance at the morning and afternoon events.

“There was a time this morning when horns were going, there was no quiet time,” Stern said.


The public response to the impeachment contingent in the Inman Park parade was overwhelmingly positive. About 30 protesters marched there, Artemis, an Atlanta-based photographer said.

“The crowd was just incredibly joyous,” Stern said.

“The crowd went wild the whole time we went by, people yelled, yeah, impeach the bastard!” Tatum said of the parade.

“90% of the people were just thrilled,” Tatum said.

Protesters carried a 30 foot long “Impeach Bush for War Crimes” banner made up of three king-sized bed sheets.

There was some concern that the impeachment contingent would be kicked out of the Inman Park Parade, but quite the opposite, the response went well. Stern said World Can’t Wait Atlanta had officially registered and was listed on the program.


US Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) introduced Articles of Impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney earlier this week. After three full days, no Congresspersons have decided to cosponsor the bill.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said there were 30 people at the protest and 60 at the parade, but Tracie Stern says the numbers were the other way around.



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