Donzella James to Re-Oppose Centrist US Rep. Scott in 2008 Primary


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(APN) ATLANTA — US. Rep David Scott (D-GA), a centrist Democrat who, for instance, supported the Military Commissions Act which repealed habeus corpus, will face progressive challenger Donzella James again in the 2008 Democratic Primary, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

James previously served in the Georgia State Senate, ran unsuccessfully against US Rep. Scott in 2006 [although her election was riddled with E-voting malfunctions and an inherently problematic E-voting process], and was briefly in the race for President of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

James was featured in Atlanta Progressive News last year for her historic elections contest based on the lack of meaningful elections “results” in Georgia E-Voting. Secretary of State Cox fought James’s lawsuit. Meanwhile, James joined a similar lawsuit brought by VoterGA.

James’s campaign will be gearing up to unveil a new website in a few weeks, James told APN.

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