McKinney Was Ready to Impeach Bush in 2001


(APN) ATLANTA — US Rep. McKinney (D-GA) told a recent audience of the film American Blackout that she had written up Articles of Impeachment for President Bush five years ago in 2001.

It was her mother, Leola McKinney, who pleaded with her and convinced her “not to drop” the Articles in the US House, at the time.

The act of writing up Articles of Impeachment is not difficult, the Congresswoman said. “You just write them on a piece of paper,” she said.

The stunning fact was revealed only days before the Run-Off Election against Hank Johnson. The movie screening was attended by many McKinney supporters at Midtown Arts Cinema. The screening had been the first “big screen” release of the film in the US after several months of independent screenings nationwide.

“Maybe I shouldn’t say this,” she said, concluding, “Oh well, I always get into trouble anyway.”

Atlanta Progressive News also learned US Rep. Dianne Watson (D-CA) recently became the 39th total Congressional co-sponsor of US Rep. Conyers’s bill, H. Res 635. Watson’s Office said they hoped to release a statement next week on the matter.

Watson’s spokesperson did clarify in the meantime, though, she had indicated her interest to join in October, but wasn’t added officially because Congress was in recess. recently released an Editorial scolding US Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for saying impeachment is “off the table.” To rule out a Constitutional remedy before the facts are known, Truthout Editors said, is an abdication of Congressional responsibility.

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