APN Candidate Endorsements 2006 (UPDATE 1)


(APN) ATLANTA – Atlanta Progressive News’s 2006 Candidate Endorsements reflect the opinions of the Atlanta Progressive News Board of Directors, based on research conducted in the process of covering local news. We encourage everyone to form their own opinion, and most importantly, to go out and vote, period.


DISTRICT 4-Incumbent

US Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA)

If y’all think we’re endorsing anyone other than Cynthia McKinney, y’all have lost your minds. It is imperative this incumbent be supported to continue her good work in Congress.

Creative Loafing endorsed Hank Johnson for this position.

DISTRICT 5-Incumbent

US Rep. John Lewis (D-GA); he’s unopposed in the primary but we thought we’d mention our support.


Donzella James

Donzella James would be a significant improvement over current US Rep. David Scott, whose district includes College Park, Georgia. Donzella James is a progressive former state senator. Rep. Scott, on the other hand, is more of a centrist Democrat who does not take enough bold stands on important matters of the day.

Creative Loafing endorsed Donzella James for this position.


Not Cathy Cox

Atlanta Progressive News is endorsing “Not Cathy Cox” for Georgia Governor. We cannot bring ourselves to endorse Mark Taylor, whose negative campaigning has neglected key issues facing Georgians. However, Cathy Cox is not acceptable, especially for her role in destroying the integrity, trust, and accountability of Georgia elections.

Creative Loafing endorsed Cathy Cox for this position.


Jim Martin

Atlanta Progressive News is pleased to endorse Jim Martin, an experienced state legislator who has spent a lot of time working with the progressive community. Mr. Martin obviously has an open ear to the progressive community. He has Georgia roots and has an impressive list of political endorsements. Also, in addition to being a good listener, he is a good and confident public speaker.

The Macon Telegraph and Creative Loafing endorsed Greg Hecht for this position.


Angela Moore

Angela Moore is progressive and visionary, and is open about it. She received also an endorsement from US Rep. Cynthia McKinney. Earlier in the race we asked Democratic primary candidates Shyam Reddy, Scott Holcomb, and Angela Moore to rate themselves on a scale from centrist to progressive. Shyam Reddy gave a 3; Moore and Holcomb gave 5’s. Reddy’s explanation is he is very fiscally conservative. Atlanta Progressive News contends progressives should be concerned about this. Moore also showed fabulousness with her “Vote for Miss Angela” rap and has said Georgia legislators should support same-sex marriages.

The Macon Telegraph endorsed Darryl Hicks for this position.

Creative Loafing endorsed Shyam Reddy for this position.

UPDATE: We previously listed Scott Holcomb as a second choice but have since retracted that statement.


Carlotta Harrell

Atlanta Progressive News is endorsing Carlotta Harrell in a major way. Harrell has education experience, unlike Majette. Also, Majette, a former Republican, is a Republican in Democrats clothing, whose 2002 campaign against Cynthia McKinney relied on Republican funding and voters and ideas. Majette was a prodigy of Mr. Alan Keyes, the anti-government market fundamentalist who disowned his homosexual daughter Maya. Majette’s late entry into the race also shows her lack of commitment to the position, especially after reports she was considering entering a number of Georgia elections. Carlotta Harrell is a visionary, is the more progressive choice in this election, and has been working hard campaigning all over the state of Georgia. Carlotta Harrell needs our support in this important election.

The Macon Telegraph endorsed Carlotta Harrell for this position.


Tommy Irvin–Incumbent

Mr. Irvin is unopposed in the Democratic primary, but we thought we’d mention our support. Irvin is one of the longest serving Georgia Democratic politician in the state after multiple decades of public service.


Guy Drexinger

Drexinger is unopposed in the Democratic primary. However, Drexinger deserves our support after vowing not to take campaign contributions from the insurance industry. John Oxendine, the Republican incumbent, has very troubling ties to the insurance industry and appears to have recently unnecessarily and disciminatorily ordered the arrest of a business man, Atlanta Progressive News has reported.


DISTRICT 3, Metro Atlanta

Not David Burgess

Atlanta Progressive News is endorsing “Not David Burgess” for public service commission. He is unfortunately the only Democrat running for the position. He should be ashamed for his support of another nuclear power reactor in Georgia.

DISTRICT 5, Western

Dawn Randolph

Randolph is the only Democrat running currently against Republican Stan Wise. Wise unconscionably supported another nuclear power reactor in Georgia. Randolph supports public meetings, low income family assistance, and alternative energy sources.

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