McKinney Endorses Moore for Secretary of State


(APN) ATLANTA – US Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) has endorsed Angela Moore for Georgia’s Secretary of State, Atlanta Progressive News has confirmed with Congresswoman McKinney’s press office.

This year’s race for Secretary of State of Georgia is critical to securing voter confidence in the state’s elections process.

McKinney’s endorsement of Angela Moore is especially noteworthy given McKinney’s extensive leadership on voter rights issues. McKinney has been critical of electronic voting for a long time and has undertaken extensive research on that issue in addition to voting rights in general.

“The people of the state of Georgia were basically guinea pigs for Diebold,” the Congresswoman said in a recent press conference on voting rights. “There is no aspect of our voting process that we can take for granted.”

The text of the endorsement was obtained by Atlanta Progressive News in PDF form, and we have made it available on our website in html form at

“I am supporting Angela Moore for Georgia’s next Secretary of State. Please help elect Angela so that she can bring new leadership and new solutions to the many challenges facing the state of Georgia,” the statement says.

McKinney issued a number of suggestions for the Secretary of State at her recent press conference, including that the Secretary of State should acknowledge questionable revisions to Diebold’s original contract with the state.

“I would also like the Secretary of State to say, we will not give any more contracts to Diebold. The people of Georgia have spent enough money with this company,” McKinney said.

“I am asking you to give me 1% of your faith and trust in my ability to restore truth in our democracy and run the Office of the Secretary with integrity, and I will earn the other 99%,” Moore says on her website.

Moore is being challenged by Scott Holcomb and Shyam Reddy in the Democratic Primary this July 2006.

Angela Moore and Scott Holcomb gave themselves of self-rating of a “5,” when asked by Atlanta Progressive News to say if they considered themselves moderate or progressive, where a score of “1″ would mean moderate and “10″ would mean progressive. Reddy gave himself a self-rating of a “3.”

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