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AJC Continues Whitewashing Existence of Other Media

  (APN) ATLANTA — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper appears to be engaging in a strategy of whitewashing the existence of other news outlets, except when it serves their purposes to mention them. Previously, Atlanta Progressive News revealed a Cox Media memo which defined the competition as everyone who was not either the AJC, WSB Channel 2, or WSB radio. Since […]

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AJC, WSB Memo Unveils Insidious Cross-Marketing Plan

(APN) ATLANTA — Cox Enterprises, the media company which owns the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper, WSBTV Channel 2, and WSB Radio, distributed a memo to its reporters unveiling a deliberate attempt to influence the perception of readers, viewers, and listeners through insidious cross-marketing techniques, according to a copy of the memo obtained by Atlanta Progressive News. The memo was first posted […]

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