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(UPDATED July 17, 2016)

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We are a completely independent, online news service dedicated to covering progressive news, including news of concern to working families in Atlanta, Fulton County, and DeKalb County.  In our tenth year of publication, and over 2,500 original, full­-length news articles and blog posts, we are one of Atlanta’s first and longest running online-­only news services.

What makes APN the best choice?

Simple. We make our own headlines.

Whether it’s our stories being picked up by local, state, or national publications; authored and enacted legislation resulting from APN coverage; reporter notoriety; or the ability to discover the facts not covered by corporate media, Atlanta Progressive News is by far the best bang for the buck.


We offer two venues for advertising: (1) Website and (2) E­-newsletter.

We offer two types of advertising: (1) Graphic and (2) Text Announcement.

We will be happy to send you a sample e-­newsletter by email, upon request.

The e-­newsletter goes out about at least three times per week to over 18,000 Metro Atlanta activists, nonprofit leaders, elected officials, students, faith leaders, academics, seniors, publicists, and journalists.

We have built this list in our nearly ELEVEN years of publication and have an intimate relationship with our readers, many of whom regard APN as a source of information that they cannot receive in other places, and who support APN with monetary contributions. Our stories generate dozens of comments per month, proving that APN readers actually READ our articles and actively dialogue about our subject matters.

The e­-newsletter contains the latest APN news story, plus graphic ads and text announcements.  We use Constant Contact for our e­-newsletter, which means high deliverability, near 98 percent, and high exposure.

The website gets approximately 20,000 hits per day, according to Network Solutions. Our homepage contains our latest content, plus graphic ads and some text ads.

Text announcements, which we place in our e-newsletters, can be used for campaigns, upcoming events, time-­sensitive opportunities, and just about anything.
Text announcements can be up to 75 words, can include links, and can include small image or graphic (postage stamp size).


Text Ads – Typically e-newsletter, but can also do on website
$55/one week

$110/two weeks

$165/three weeks

$200/one month (apx. 10 percent savings over weekly rate)

$525/three months or thirteen weeks (apx. 25 percent savings over weekly rate)

For three month text ad packages, the weeks do not have to be used consecutively, and can be used over the course of one year.

Graphic Rate – whether online or e-newsletter
$110/one week

$220/two weeks

$330/three weeks


$1,072.50/three months (25 percent savings over weekly/monthly rate)

As far as the size of your ad, we have both vertical and horizontal spaces for graphics, both in the e­-newsletter and on our homepage. We have several types of spaces available and can work with you to accommodate your ad’s shape.

Banner (horizontal) ads should be 500 pixel width, and height can range between 125 and 175 pixels.

Vertical ads should be 125 pixel width, and height can range between 450 and 550 pixels.

Graphics should be sent in a .JPG or other image file
(no PDFs or Word documents, please).

Of course, any graphics advertisements placed with APN will be “clickable” to a link that you provide in order to drive live traffic to your website.

For more information, contact Matthew Charles Cardinale, Publisher, at (404) 983 6049 and