Alt-Right in Atlanta, Hidden in Plain Sight


white power(APN) ATLANTA — While Atlanta is known as the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement and a place where people of diverse races live and work together in harmony and peace, Atlanta and Georgia are not without individuals associated with the so-called “Alt-Right.”


The Alternative Right or Alt-Right is a new umbrella group for a mixture of White nationalists and White supremacists–consisting of various individuals and organizations– who believe that White identity is under attack and that Whites are superior to non-Whites.


Racist remarks and actions of President Donald Trump–from claiming that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States, to the pardon of racist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for violations of the Constitution of the U.S.–has emboldened the Alt-Right, especially since Trump’s election.


Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan is code for “Make America White Again” in the White supremacist world.


Trump views them as his loyal base, but the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which tracks hate groups, views the Alt-Right and other similar groups as extremist hate groups.


The week-end after Trump’s election, on November 12 and 13, 2016, the Alt-Right organized a nationwide campaign targeting college campuses to paste White Power stickers and a racist propaganda poster entitled, “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men.”


The poster warned White women that Black men are more likely to abuse women, that Black men are more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases, and that their kids probably won’t be smart.  The poster went on to relate horror stories of White women being beaten and killed by Black men.


In May of 2017, hundreds of emails and Twitter account communications under the name of Phoenix Reich, @BigButternutJoe, were leaked online that expose Alt-Right members organizing the racist materials and White Power stickers that were posted at Georgia State University and on other college campus in Atlanta.


“We were told about the leak and we analyzed the information,” Atlanta Antifascist Network (Antifa), told Atlanta Progressive News.  


An Antifa analysis of hundreds of Phoenix Reich @BigButternutJoe posts leads to the obvious fact that Phoenix Reich is Casey Cooper.


Casey Jordan Cooper, a/k/a “Phoenix Reich” on his Twitter account, is a militant racist student at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School.  


Cooper has been photographed with white supremacists at a Stone Mountain rally and at the Unite the Right in Charlottesville, Virginia.


He is an Alt-Right organizer and a member of Identity Evropa, another white supremacist organization designated by SPLC as a hate group.


To be fully integrated within some white nationalist circles like Identify Evropa, one has to take a DNA test to prove their European Aryan purity.  Cooper had a drop of ethnically Jewish heritage, which the other white supremacists tease him about.


First, Phoenix posted a partial selfie photograph, which looks like Cooper; and photos of a potted plant outside of an apartment door, which is the same apartment Cooper lived in.


Phoenix’s profile is similar to Cooper’s as he refers to his legal studies, being at the University of Georgia studying psychology, and being involved in the comedy scene.  Cooper has given several comedy performances in Atlanta.


In a November 13, 2016 post by Phoenix Reich@BigButternutJoe it reads, “Looks like Georgia State got a visit from @ThaRightStuff last night to share some educational materials #TRSPrank.”


Phoenix wrote other similar posts bragging about racist material posted at Georgia Tech and Kennesaw State University.


A November 17, 2016 post by Phoenix Reich reads, “The worst part about being a student of law in these times is seeing how many gay black women are given free passes.  It’s disgusting.”


In the summer of 2016,  a high profile #ATLisReady activist received a death threat in the form of a picture of a noose from Phoenix.


On TheRightStuff forum, Phoenix posts that he lives in “Apelanta, Georgia.” [sic]  


“Working in the legal field, attempting to be a comedian in a liberal infested sh**hole of a city.  Trying my goddamn hardest not to go crazy while being surrounded by the most pozzed f****ts and n****rs you’ll ever meet.”  “Pozzed” appears to be a reference to HIV positive.


March 30, 2016 – Phoenix posted on IronMarch, a global fascist Internet site, that he “almost cried” when he heard for the first time a speech by George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party 1918 to 1967, which “fundamentally changed me, and I started getting more interested in the far right and wanted to get involved.”


Posted August 17, “If you are a dude waiting for Hitler remember be the Hitler you want to see in the world,” Phoenix opined.


An August 31 post by Phoenix reads – “It’s funny when Jews tattoo Hebrew lettering on their bodies.  It save me the time of having to put ID tattoos on you later.” [sic]


There are hundreds of pages of this type of racist, homophobic, and fascist messages between different individuals who were involved in planning the racist campus campaign in Atlanta.  


Antifa tells APN that the Alt-Right leaders in Atlanta are Cooper, Patrick Sharp, and Sam Dickson, an elderly Ku Klux Klan attorney.


The main Alt-Right members discussed in the Cooper dossier are Casey Jordan Cooper, Patrick Sharp, Sam Dickson, Zachary Van Johnson, and Joshua Hitson, as summarized below.


About a dozen other racist associates assisted in the campus posting.


Patrick Sharp is a racist leader known on Twitter as “Agree&Amplify” and “FashyFit.”


In 2013, Sharp tried to form a White Student Union at Georgia State University and distributed white supremacist propaganda at GSU before his graduation in 2016.


He traveled to the meeting of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank, in 2016; and later that year to Germany and France.  


He has circulated online materials from Action Francaise and Generation Identitaire, about French far-right political movements.   


He has moved on to national level activities for the Alt-Right.


Sharp plans a psy-op, or psychological operation, to subvert, infiltrate, or impersonate Antifa.


His FashyFit account has interacted online with Jared Taylor, who heads the white nationalist American Renaissance project; and Richard Spencer, National Policy Institute leader.  


Sharp wants Alt-Right members to wear conservative business suits and have very short hair, although he has a strange obsession with the late George Michael, who he pretends is an Alt-Right icon, not a gay musician.   


Sharp was photographed at the Unite the Right in Charlottesville, Virginia; and in Alabama with white nationalist leader Richard Spencer at Alabama State University


Sam Dickson, and Atlanta attorney, has been active in white power causes for years and represents Klan clients and mentors young Alt- Right white nationalists.  


Dickson has built a multi-million dollar business through an apparent combination of bullying and sneakiness in the arcane world of tax lien purchases, redemption, and foreclosures.  He is most active in Black neighborhoods and many of his targets are poor and Black people, according to SPLC.   


Zachary Johnson is also known as “J Enoch Powell”, and “Shadow Priest” on Stormfront, a white supremacist, neo-Nazi internet forum, which was the first major racial hate site.  


Johnson lives in Alpharetta, where he works for white nationalist groups through his writing on social media and creating graphic designs for the racist movement.  He admires Adolf Hitler who he refers to as “Uncle.”  


He spreads white power propaganda, praises Hitler, and stokes up hatred for people of color and Jewish people.  He is involved in branding of the Alt-Right movement.


After Antifa published the dossier, his messages and his profile vanished from Twitter, as did the profiles of others who were exposed to the public online.


Joshua Hitson, a/k/a “J.D. Hitson” and “Contrarian Gent,” was a teacher at Whitewater High School in Fayetteville, Georgia, until his identity as a racist was exposed and he resigned.


He writes for the white nationalist Radix media website and post under the name of “Contrarian Gent.”   


His articles expose his belief that Whites and Asians are smarter than Blacks and Hispanics.  He believes that people of color have a limited capacity for education – not a good attitude for a teacher who teaches Black kids.


He writes that undocumented immigrants, Muslims, and people of color all have to go.  His prejudice extends to transgender people, mentally ill people, and homosexuals.  He believes that the Holocaust is a superstition.


He has been photographed at a November 2016 white power gathering next to racist leaders Patrick Sharp and Casey Cooper.


Since last November’s election, at least 140 instances of racist posters and fliers have been reported on college campuses in 33 states, reports CBS News.


SPLC has documented 900 hate-motivated incidents many on college campuses in the ten days following the election of Trump.


(END / Copyright Atlanta Progressive News / 2017)


  • Blacks make up about 13% of the population but commit over half of the violent crime.

  • Uh, no. Try FBI crime stats. Table 43.

  • Why are you doing this? Please stop further ruining the reputation of this law school. People come here and work hard and already have enough trouble finding work. They don’t need another reason for firms not to hire them.

    You don’t really have any proof that this kid has done anything wrong, well, other than maybe having questionable viewpoints, but that is no basis to slander him and the school.

    And you do this to protect minorities, which is completely contrarian, since most of the student body at AJMLS is minority.

    So you, and antifa and it’s going down and all the other clueless trolls are actually hurting those you profess to want to help.

    Thanks jerks.

  • Of course, John Marshall Law School has no problem with this activity. What more could be expected from a “law school” with a bar passage rate that hovers just above 50% and where some of the professors refuse to attend class on Friday?

  • You honestly think that Ga State, Emory, or even Mercer would “have a problem” with it?

    You obviously don’t know what content based suppression of speech means. Perhaps the deans there have a better handle on it than you do.

    And what does bar passage rate have to do with anything? Several radicals have come from other law schools in Ga (see Larry Klayman crazy ass from Emory and Herman Talmadge from Mercer).

    You’re a fool and undermining the cause you claim to support.

  • It’s not racist to say Barry Sotero wasn’t born in America…..if a black person says the same, are they racist ?….hardly…..both groups, Antifas and Alt-right, have such few numbers, APN elevates both by giving them coverage that George Soros money can’t buy….Antifas barely had a dozen people demonstrate in Lil’ 5 Points….local news affiliates showed 3 supposed Alt-right so with an American flag……APN, try ignoring ignorance, maybe ignorant individuals with go away….

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