CREW: Nathan Deal Could Still Be Indicted


Citizens for Responsibilty and Ethics in Washington reminded Georgia citizens that our newly-inaugurated governor, Republican Nathan Deal, may still be indicted from pending investigations.

“The former congressman has a well documented history of abusing his office for personal gain, and his actions while a member of Congress could result in him becoming the first 2010 election winner to be indicted.  He is currently under investigation by both the Department of Justice and the State Ethics Committee of Georgia,” CREW said. 

“Mr. Deal was one of the most corrupt people to walk the halls of Congress, and it is a shame he managed to get elected Governor. Perhaps some in the Peach State have short memories, but the law does not. Governor-elect Deal dodged the House ethics process, but he is still under federal and state investigation and he shouldn’t get too comfortable in his new office as he may soon find himself fighting criminal charges,” CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan said.

Pending ethical issues for Deal include his steering of government funds to his auto salvage business; his erroneous Congressional finance reports and campaign disclosure forms; improper receipt of outside funds while serving as a Member of Congress; and his use of campaign funds to pay legal expenses related to the Congressional ethics complaint against him.

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