Georgia Power Nuclear Construction Fees to Rise Earlier than Promised


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper, Georgia Power will raise the nuclear power expansion fee earlier than it promised the Georgia legislature when the company had lobbied for the right to charge the fee.

In papers filed Friday, the Georgia Power said the initial fee will add $3.73 to the typical monthly residential bill in 2011, more than double the $1.30 figure the company and its supporters previously cited.

Georgia Power also said the fee will ratchet up to $9 over the following four years, rather than six as it had suggested last year.

However, the total amount collected through the fee to help pay for two new reactors will remain unchanged, the AJC noted.

Company spokeswoman Christy Ihrig told the AJC the faster time line more accurately reflects when the company believes it will incur costs on its Plant Vogtle reactor project.

“It’s the old bait and switch,” Angela Speir, executive director of Georgia Watch and a former PSC member, said. “Georgia Power told legislators it would be one thing, but when ratepayers get their bill, it’s something else.”

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