What’s a Co-pay? Health Care in Canada

What’s a co-pay?  Canadians Talk About Their Healthcare System
Of course, Canada’s healthcare system has its problems (which have been greatly exaggerated by opponents of healthcare reform in this country).  There are waiting lists for non-emergency and elective procedures, for instance.  But keep these things in mind:  (1) Canada is on a higher rung on the spiral.  Its problems are taking place in a system which provides good healthcare to everybody; our much more serious problems happen in a system which doesn’t insure 50 million people.  (2) Canadians are trying to solve their problems; ours get worse by the year.  As a Canadian nurse said at a talk several months ago, “Our problems are like warts; yours are cancers.”  Here’s an article which gives a pretty balanced view of healthcare in our northern neighbor.

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