The Real Death Panels

The right-wingers who disrupted town-hall meetings were wrong about the death panels.  The pending legislation would not create them.  In fact, they already exist, already dominate our healthcare nonsystem, and are laughing all the way to the bank as they deny coverage to sick people and life-saving treatments to their own critically-ill policyholders.  What’s more, the so-called healthcare “reform” bills which have passed House and Senate committees would subsidize them with hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars, leaving them even more dominant.
The ONLY bills which would TOTALLY REMOVE THE DEATH PANELS FROM ANY ROLE IN HEALTHCARE are the “Medicare for All” bills — Rep. John Conyers’ H.R. 676 in the House and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ companion bill, S. 703, in the Senate.
California death panels deny 21% of claims.

House investigators target six health insurance companies for cancelling coverages to small businesses if their employees get sick.
A bailout for the healthcare industry,

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