Glenn Thomas “Hacking” Issue


Speaking of Glenn Thomas, I got this bizarre email at 155am on June 16, 2009 (my birthday no less) from Glenn Thomas saying he had put a lot of thought into it but had decided to give up on running for Mayor.  I thought it was a bit strange, in part because he had contracted for a multi-month advertising package with us.

By morning, Thomas’s press secretary sent a message saying Thomas’s email account had been “HACKED.”

I have my concerns about this.  First of all, who would do this?  It would have to be somebody on the inside basically who could have gotten access to Thomas’s password, etc.  Think about it.  Yes, people can steal your identity through hacking, but they usually don’t do it to “resign” somebody from an election (it’s usually to steal, right?)

Another theory would be that Glenn Thomas was having an inner debate in the middle of the night and sent the message out himself.  Then Kenisha called and said, “What?  Oh no, you can’t!”  That would be the more cynical theory.  Any IT experts out there who can explain how somebody could have both the motive and access to be able to do this?


Here’s what the alleged hack email–which was sent to 9 email addresses including APN–said:

To my supporters and citizens of Atlanta,
After my much thought and prayer, it is with much regret and reserve that I withdraw my candidacy for mayor of Atlanta.  While my decision is not an easy one, due to personal reasons it is one that has to be made.  Atlanta stands at a very pivotal point in history.  Although I am no longer seeking the office of mayor at this time, I am still committed to being a voice of change and resurgence for this city.  I will spend the next few months beginning a new chapter in my life with my soon to be bride.  Rest assured that I continue in my passion as public servant.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family, friends, and supporters for all their prayers, words of encouragement, support, time and donations.  I love and appreciate you all.
Glenn Thomas


Kenisha White added the following in a follow-up email at 221am:

Glenn Thomas’s Systems have been hacked. Please disregard ALL emails concerning Glenn’s resignation from the mayoral race. THIS IS FALSE> Thank you.

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