Kasim Reed Robocall


I received my Kasim Reed robocall last week.  Did you?  Except, it had already started speaking before I picked up, so by the time I picked up, I had missed most of it.  Later that day, the Reed Campaign sent me an unsolicited digital copy.

This is supposed to be part of his distinguishing himself as a candidate, particularly in contrast to Mayor Shirley Franklin, for whom he was campaign manager.  While this is great, I think this was an easy issue.  I want to see someone distinguish themselves from being a puppet of the developers.  I’m still waiting.

Also, why is he still a State Senator?  According to Donzella James, he had said he would relinquish his seat after announcing his candidacy for Mayor… so that other people could start officially running for his old State Senate seat.  He has until July to resign, James says.  (But that’s a whole other issue.)


Good evening, this is State Senator Kasim Reed and I’m running for Mayor of Atlanta.  We have a chance right now to make Atlanta safer by ending the furloughs that have cut the police and fire fighters on duty.

I’m calling on City Council to pass a budget this month that ends the furloughs.  Please visit kasimreed.com or call 404-758-3433 to add your name to our petition.  Let’s demand real leadership that puts protecting our citizens first.

Thank you.

Paid for by Kasim Reed for Mayor.

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