Poythress Criticizes Barnes for Entering Governor’s Race


Poythress issues statement really mean to Barnes; I think it does not reflect well on Poythress and makes him seem like a jerk. However, at the same time, Poythress says Barnes was wrong to try to end teachers’ tenure in Georgia and that’s probably true.

Governor Barnes passed up an opportunity for genuine statesmanship by jumping into this race. But Roy won’t be able to outrun his divisive and polarizing past. In his statement today, he claimed that he “learned from his mistakes,” but he sounded like a man trying to sweet-talk his way out of the dog house. As he answered questions, he continued to insult our state’s teachers by suggesting that they may not remember why they were mad at him. Well, I don’t think that anyone is going to buy that line. Georgia’s dedicated educators deserve a Governor they can trust to respect and support them.

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