More on Dekalb’s Decision to not Pursue Marine Academy

Tim Franzen (left) of the American Friends Service Committee speaks to a crowd in front of Lakeside High School.

Tim Franzen (left) of the American Friends Service Committee speaks to a crowd in front of Lakeside High School.

To read the full resolution compiled in part by the Georgia ACLU, the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, and the American Friends Service Committee, click here.

Below is the full statement Dr. Crawford Lewis, superintendent of DeKalb schools, made Monday before the board of education meeting:

In March 2009, DeKalb County School System (DCSS) and the DeKalb Board of Education announced plans that the United States Marine Corps would assist the school district in offering the community a military academy that would provide quality education while instilling discipline to those students who chose to enroll. Both DeKalb County School System and the Marine Corps were actively moving forward with the intent to open the academy in August of 2009.

However, the memorandum of agreement, which has been developed by both the school system attorneys as well as the attorneys from the Marine Corps (which identifies the responsibilities of each party), has not been signed at this time by the Marine Corps. This agreement is crucial to both parties and ensures that all variables are agreed upon and all expectations by both parties are confirmed.

Thus, the DeKalb Board of Education and DeKalb County School System’s administration will continue to communicate with the Marine Corps with hopes of finalizing an agreement. If accomplished, the school system will move forward with plans to open the school in August of 2010. There is no confirmation, however, that DeKalb County School System will in fact do so. DCSS’ legal counsel will continue to work with legal counsel for the U.S. Marine Corps to monitor and revisit those items  which are needed to complete the process.

Such items include, but are not limited to, building selection and modification, the application process for students and the curriculum modification and other important points of the school’s administration. DCSS will keep the public informed of its progress concerning this matter.

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