Man who Allegedly Threatened McKinney Calls APN


So, last week we reported on this blog that a man named Steven had allegedly called US Rep. Hank Johnson’s (D-GA) and made statements that McKinney and someone she was traveling with in Canada might be in danger. This was according to an email from Cynthia relaying a conversation her father had with someone from Johnson’s office.

Steven returned APN’s phonecall the following day and relayed that he felt it was all a misunderstanding which had either been twisted around by McKinney’s father (who took the call from Johnson’s office) or from Johnson’s office.

####(Notes from interview with Steven)
“I had called regarding joining Green Party and getting in touch with Cynthia McKinney. Someone in the office there said what I’ll do, I’ll call and give her father a message, she’ll call you back. I said to myself, that’s really weird. How come they’re not giving me the # for an office?”

It is weird APN can attest but in fact Johnson’s office probably had no other contact information for Cynthia than her father’s home number. Steven should have called the national Green Party office, but I guess he didn’t think of that and he said the local Green Party offices near his home in San Francisco had nonworking numbers.

Why would a public politician running for the White House… if I called Hillary Clinton they wouldn’t call her father.

“Then what was really strange, after that, I got a threatening phone call. Someone said my telephone # is all over the Internet w/ my name. Wow could that be? That doesn’t make any sense. The only person who would have my name and # is the Representative’s office in Atlanta. This is really disturbing.

“[The person said] you got a problem pal. You better call right away to the rep’s office and get this cleared up because there’s been some kind of a problem

“I called the office yesterday. after I got a threatening call. I spoke w/ someone named Dori.”

APN: What’s this about you saying someone McKinney is traveling with might be in danger?

“I said we might have a mutual acquintance, that person’s up in Canada right now travelling around
she’s a very controversial political figure.

“I used to fly around, it’s dangerous flying around up there. I had concerns about when a politician goes there, what kind of protection is offered to our politicians? That was what my question was going to be for Cynthia. I didn’t go into in depth with the Rep [person working for Hank Jiohnson] at all.

“I didn’t say anybody was in danger. I said I’d had rough flights in Canada, when I’ve flown around there. And the only thing I was interested in, was when somebody travels around in Canada, like Ralph
Nader for example, who protects them?

“If this was misconstrued… The danger I could’ve related to them was about my own experiences during change of seasons, the plane will really get batted around. They took it and blew it out of proportion for some reason.”

“Dori… wanted me to talk to the security person, Bud somebody. I called and talked w/ him and ran things by him (Bud). He said thank you and I’ll call you back when I have some information.”

“This person Dori is a screw box. Maybe he’s [Billy McKinney’s] elderly, and he got confused on the phone. It also sounds like Cynthia overreacted. She should’ve had somebody from her office call me up.”

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